Bipolar? Or just plain batshit insane?

Bipolar? Or just plain batshit insane?

Today was pretty good. In fact, it was a great day, compared to the last few weeks.
Because my mom commuted with me, I spent zero pesos on fare and rode a taxi to UST (like a boss). I spent the morning with my beloved friends Gab and Kat, with whom I had serious heart-to-heart talks while eating Sausage McMuffins and hash browns.
The day turned out swell: two of our professors were out so we got dismissed early, I chipped in PHP20 for a pizza but ate three slices (greedy bitch), and really just had fun with my barkada.

I should be happy tonight, but I’m not.

Nighttime for me is the most beautiful time of the day. Gazing up at the stars and the moon relaxes and inspires me. It makes me feel closer to the ones I love, knowing that they’re looking up at the same night sky.
As beautiful as I find it, though, nighttime is also the time when I feel the worst. Every night, without fail, I sink into a dark mood, alternating between sadness and a rage so fierce that I want to throw stuff across the room. When I lie down on my bed, my heart twists uncomfortably with the knowledge that tomorrow, I’ll have to do this all over again. My moods scare me.

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