I told y’all about the meet-up last Saturday, right?

As I recall, it was sometime in June when I attended my first Tumblr meet-up, which was held at UST. It was the first day of classes, which made me doubly psyched that day.

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How crazy was it that I was so reluctant to go? The only person I talked to at first was Iyay. Then I met Becs and Nheykii, and the rest, as they say, is history. That afternoon, I eventually met a whole bunch of other people: Sieg (we played Frisbee!), Leo, Prex, DJGelo (who treated Nheykii and I to beer and liempo, teehee), Kuya Maxene, Andy, Tey, Zy, Kevin—okay, my memory fails me. There were too many people to remember. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t mention you.

Before, I was skeptical about meeting people online. Let’s face it, we hear way too many horror stories about online friends meeting and then someone ends up getting kidnapped/robbed/raped/killed/tricked in some way.
Thanks to Tumblr, though, I met amazing people. Not only in real life; I talk to Philip (from Cagayan de Oro), Vivien (from Cebu), and Jam (from Davao) on a regular basis. They be my LDR bbs.

Some want to quit Tumblr because it interferes with schoolwork. Hell yeah, it does. Backreading alone takes up the two to three hours I could have spent doing homework. But I will never quit Tumblr because not only does it broaden my mind through thought-provoking posts, but the users are simply a-fucking-mazing because of their wit, intellect, talent, and uniqueness that I sometimes find absent in some people.

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