I am constantly having headaches which can only be cured by a marathon viewing of Friends

I am constantly having headaches which can only be cured by a marathon viewing of Friends

I’ve been feeling drained.

The Simpsons: Relevant forever

I’ve been feeling like shit, toxic and full of self-loathing. I also look like shit, with circles under my puffy, tired eyes. When commuting, I want to pick fights with strangers for stepping on my foot, bumping against me, staring at me, etc.

Crap stuff:

  •  It’s Finals week already but I am so not up to studying. I’m waiting for sembreak to roll around so I can watch movies with my friends and catch up on sleep.
    • Speaking of Finals, yesterday’s Lit exam caught us off-guard when the questions were about our prelim period discussions and not the final period ones. Basically, I studied everything that didn’t appear anywhere in the exam, so I expect a sucky grade. I wish our Lit classes were worthwhile, I would have loved Lit.
    • My earphones are broken yet again. I’m starting to suspect my ears have teeth.
    • My mom just told me how, in the future, climate change will affect the production of chocolates and beer.
    • My younger cousin’s in the hospital, confined for dengue. He still has a recurring high fever and low platelet count. I wish he’d get better; I’m getting worried.

I’m not much for looking at the bright side, but ending my blog on a negative note is too ~emo~, so something good (besides getting 81/100 in the Spanish final):

Finally got my Fall Out Boy biography! Bought it on eBay for around PHP500. It took a relatively short time compared to other orders I’ve placed. Reading about the boys’ lives, beginnings of stardom, and eventual rise to the top got me emotional and almost made me cry. Almost.

I need a breather. Sembreak, you cannot come fast enough.

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