Of course friendships end, “end” is right there in the word!

Of course friendships end, “end” is right there in the word!

Can I wallow in self-pity for a while? I need to get something off my chest.


Over the past several months, I’ve been feeling as though I’m losing my friends. Sure, we try to make plans to get together, but hardly anything comes to fruition. Then we have those with whom all communication has ceased, for one reason or another.

Boopy, Paulo, and Kat tell me that this is an inevitable part of life. People’s priorities change, especially if they get caught up with work or their love life…

I want to be understanding of all that. Still, my abandonment issues are making this feel like a bigger deal than it is. I’ve always been afraid of getting tossed aside, and that’s how I feel now. No longer important or interesting, I am a mere memory. I am no longer in the list of people’s priorities, I am no longer worthy of their time and effort.

I realize that this is a very self-centered way of looking at things. I wish I could be more rational about it instead of letting my emotions take the lead. I’ll have to talk to my therapists about it to see how I can adjust my attitude to this new situation.

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