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On Facebook and Instagram, with a thousand followers, your carefully curated feed.

Scenes of nature: mountains, and beaches with water as clear as can be.

Beautifully plated food in a restaurant whose interior must have cost a small fortune.

Fashionable OOTDs of you showing off your physical perfection in a flowing floral skirt.

Photos of family and friends and your lover, all of whom seem as perfect as you, impeccably dressed, with Kodak smiles.

Are you happy in your sprawling house? Windows everywhere, allowing us a peek into your perfect life. Designer furniture thoughtfully arranged, a tasteful rug on the floor, a massive bookshelf displays classics (rare and original, no doubt).

You have a beautiful life, filled with light and love. At least, that’s what you present to us.

But I know the truth.

I know that you mix vodka into your morning OJ just to head off any anxiety you feel about facing another day.

I know that you steal your parents’ Clonazepam to calm down.

I know that you love wearing long skirts because your thighs are full of self-inflicted cuts.

I know that your parents see you only as a trophy, and that your overachieving nature makes you feel valid and important.

Don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone. I am not going to take away the one thing that makes you happy. Know this, though: these projections of perfection, they will eventually wear away. And without it, you wouldn’t know what to do.

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