Hi! I’m Ela Kaimo. I’m a twentysomething blogger and a cat mom to Pawcard and Quill. I have been blogging since college but this blog only came to fruition in 2018. I have since deleted all other traces of my old blogs from the Internet because, ya know, fresh starts and all that.

First and foremost, I like to think of myself a writer, but I’m not sure I’m good enough. You can read my works of fiction and creative nonfiction here.

If you’ll notice, I write a lot about mental health here. I started going to therapy in 2016. By then, I was feeling utterly hopeless: I just quit a job I hated, I ended a long-term relationship, and my self-worth was at an all-time low. I was too emotionally drained for social interaction, even though my friends were worried and trying to reach out to me. It was a time when I spent hours on end staring at the ceiling, having had nothing but coffee for all my meals, wishing that I would die already. After a few sessions, I was prescribed a few medications, the first of many different prescriptions, as I would eventually find out.

Initially, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Then in early 2019, I took a battery of psychological assessments, in which I scored high in traits of borderline personality disorder.

I have been struggling with the poor state of my mental health for years before my diagnosis. Looking back, my mental health has affected all aspects of my life: platonic and romantic relationships, my self-esteem, jobs, and even my writing. (Speaking of writing, I wrote a piece about my first suicide attempt, which was published by a major local broadsheet. Check it out here.)

At first, I hid my condition away from the world: after all, no one is on social media (or the Internet, for that matter) to post about sad shit. Instagram has taught us that if it’s not glittery and fun, it’s not a life worth living. However, as time went by, I realized that for all the conversations and infographics on Facebook about mental health, I have yet to see someone I personally know publicly talk about their struggles and triumphs living with depression or another mental illness. I thought then, maybe, just maybe, I could change that. It was, and still is, my hope that for my friends and even my acquaintances, I can put a face to the conversation on mental health.

This blog’s aims are threefold:

One, to inform and enlighten people who otherwise may not be educated on the topic.

Two, to encourage others to seek treatment for their own mental health issues.

Three, to reassure fellow sufferers that they’re not alone. Our emotions are valid, and our voices will be heard.

If nothing else, sharing my tribulations will hopefully touch others in the same position, and help them feel less isolated. That makes me feel as though my suffering has meaning. (Shoutout to Viktor Frankl for his book Man’s Search for Meaning, without which I could not have thought of my pain as having purpose.)

In a more lighthearted tone, I love beauty treatments and makeup, keeping up with current events and culture, and playing PC games! I occasionally write about those too 🙂

Go explore the blog, and comment if you read something that you think is interesting!