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REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

Bobbi Brown is the freakin’ queen. Her Makeup Manual is awesome, her beauty philosophy is on point, and her products are raved over by makeup mavens the world over. Which is why on a whim, I decided to #TreatYoSelf and bought her Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation.

What I love about Bobbi is that she makes cosmetics for a wide range of skin tones. I got Warm Beige, which is an exact shade match for me.


The bottle is absolutely classy. Frosted glass all up in this shit <3

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REVIEW: elf Studio Lip Stain

REVIEW: elf Studio Lip Stain

I was waiting for a shipment from the Instagram seller theglamgirlshoppe. I bought 6 Wet n Wild lippies, so I promised myself not to buy any more for a while. Then I walked by an e.l.f. stall and went back on my word. 😋
Long-lasting lippies are my life (hey, alliteration!), but unfortunately, a lot of longwear lipcolors are drying and result in flaky lips. Which is why I had low expectations for e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in Red Carpet.

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REVIEW: Happy Skin Turn Up the Heat

REVIEW: Happy Skin Turn Up the Heat

I’m a bit of a make-up snob. I prefer spending a bit more money on quality products that will deliver, instead of blowing minor bucks on things that I won’t use regularly. That’s why I tend to bypass the cheaper, locally-made beauty brands (sorry?) and head straight for the more expensive ones like Revlon.
That said, Happy Skin Cosmetics piqued my curiosity. I mean, a locally-made mid-range brand that has lovely, Benefit-esque packaging AND consistently excellent product reviews? Is this a dream?
Apparently not! I got my hands on their summer lippie collection, Turn Up the Heat, and understood why beauty bloggers were abuzz with this new brand.
All of Happy Skin’s products have witty names and beautiful, colorful packaging. TUTH is no exception: just look at this awesomeness!

I hate, hate, hate ugly packaging. I forgive e.l.f. because I know they can deliver good products, but for all other brands, I ignore cheap-looking packaging with bad typography. It says a lot about the products that the manufacturers actually care about what kind of image they project to consumers. And the attention to detail in the packaging means you get all your money’s worth. Happy Skin definitely delivers on this aspect.

For the price of PHP1249, you get three Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies. That comes down to around PHP416 each. Not bad, considering that Revlon’s similar lippies retail for more than PHP500.

Although the tip is not as precise as I’d like them to be, and it doesn’t come with a sharpener, it’s okay. The twist-up mechanism means no sharpening and no product wastage. It’s completely idiot-proof! Perfect for beginners.

These lippies come in the colors Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss, and The Morning After (left to right).

Summer Crush is a blue-based pink. This is a great everyday lippie that’s not too loud, but gives a beautiful pop of color.

I have to say, I never though I could pull off pink, but this one looks lovely on me with a light pink blush.

Also, check out the winged eyeliner!

Sunset Kiss is a red-orange shade that brightens the face. It’s a bold, loud color that I like wearing on lazy days when I’m only wearing powder. It makes me look more put-together.

Plus, I wore this while swimming and it didn’t come off!

Ok, so this was before I went swimming, but I swear it stayed on even after I hit the water.
Also, say hi to Mommy!

The Morning After is a light pink-mauve. It can be a perfect MLBB shade for light-skinned women; however, on me, I find it can wash me out, especially if I’m not wearing blush.

I took a leap of faith by wearing this a few times, since I’m afraid of wearing nearly-nude lips. As I predicted, this shade washed me out badly, especially in photos:

As I stated in the blog post I linked there, I love this color! But it won’t work out for me 🙁 I’m gonna give this to my fairer-skinned mom. It’ll look way better on her.

They come in a satin finish that transfers slightly. Texture for all lipsticks is creamy but with slight tugging. It can be a bit drying, which is surprising because they’re supposed to be as moisturizing as balms, right? These require lip prep for me, which means exfoliating and applying balm before application.
Staying power for these are average at around 2-4 hours. They cannot withstand meals: I always find a weird ring of color around my lips after eating.

If you’re looking for a good bargain on quality lip colors, this is it. TUTH contains a bold color, an MLBB shade, and a naturally-pretty pink, so there will definitely be something to strike your fancy.

Price: PhP1249.00
Verdict: Although it could use some improvements, overall, I’m impressed. Would purchase from Happy Skin again.
On bold lipstick

On bold lipstick

Hi, my name is Ela, and I’m a bold-lipstick addict.
Hi, Ela!
I am an absolute sucker for bold lips. Red lipstick is a particular weakness of mine, although I’m also into deeper shades like violet and hot pink.
I love ’em because they make a statement. They’re so easy to pull off on lazy days when I feel like going minimal with everything else. It literally takes ten seconds to make me feel more polished.
Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless
Wearing Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Red Revival
I do realize that others have the opposite problem: they actively avoid loud lips. To them, you need confidence to pull off that look, and it is a bit scary to stray from relatively safe shades like pink.

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