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    Burning cash

    A few days ago, my mom and I went to Robinson’s Metro East to shop for a few necessary items, including a new pair of school shoes for me. We ended up getting a hell of a lot more than we intended to. Yay!
    School shoes from Sugus.
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    My mom and I had yet another fight the other day, after I got home from an impromptu sleepover at Gab’s.
    Mom said the usual stuff: that I was a horrible daughter, I was going too far, she was going to send me back to Marikina. And you know what? I think her last idea wasn’t a bad one.
    Lately, the two of us have been fighting more than usual. I feel suffocated, she feels neglected; it’s not a healthy combination.
    Which is why maybe, not living together for a while might do us good. You know, like how some couples “cool off”.
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    A Date at Cafe Lidia

    Friday before last, I didn’t go to class and slept in. When I woke up, Mom suggested that we go out.
    We’ve been dying to eat at this restaurant called Cafe Lidia, located in Calumpang (is it with a C or a K? I never really knew), Marikina. It’s been featured on a TV show and the food looked pretty good, so we gave it a shot.
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    On my family and the L-word

    Last week, my granny was confined in the hospital for pneumonia. She’s out of the hospital now, but I remember the only time I visited: as Mama and I were leaving, I kissed Lola’s cheek and said, “Bye, ‘la. Pagaling ka. Love you.”
    I forgot what she replied, but she smiled, and that was good enough for me.
    I love you. I have always had difficulty in saying that to my family. We’re not exactly the touchy-feely type; we have fun with each other, but we’re not emotionally open. I sometimes find it hard to tell my mom that I love her; how much more the less close members of my family?
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    Me, Mom, and Food

    When my mom and I get into a fight, she usually makes up for it by giving me money to buy food. I take advantage and ask to buy food that I can’t normally afford, so I usually end up buying at Taco Bell (yes, my allowance can’t afford Taco Bell huhu) or Wendy’s, with a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the side.
    And when my mom and I fight in a mall, she knows that the only way to get the sulky scowl off my face is to feed me. When that happens, we usually go to a somewhat expensive restaurant, like Pancake House, Conti’sFive Cows, or Burgoo. The two of us have this unspoken understanding: that when I’m down, food can cheer me right up.
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    A sudden intake of oxygen

    Things that are bothering me right now:

    • I have yet to submit the CD for my Logic completion requirement. I went to the Faculty Lounge this afternoon only to discover that my professor was off to Baguio and would not return until Sunday.
    • My mom telling me that she wasn’t happy. I think it’s because most of the time she’s alone in the house. Maybe she should move back to Marikina and let me dorm, instead. It’ll be so win-win: she gets to have the company of our family, I don’t get tired from commuting. A few problems with that solution: 1) she will never allow me to dorm because she doesn’t trust me; and 2) we don’t have space in our Marikina house to stash all our furniture here in San Mateo.
    • My 2-gigabyte memory card is almost full. 400 songs is not enough for my music appetite.
    • I’m thinking of changing my Blogspot URL. Unfortunately, sarcasmic has already been taken, so I’m back to square one.

    On the bright side of things, this week has been pretty good so far.

    • I had a Wendy’s Baconator and Frosty today.
    • I had quality bonding time with Babs last night.
    • I got 1.75 as my prelim grade in Math. Not to brag, but that was me being lazy—imagine what my grade would be if I had actually studied!
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    I got cash to burn…. Well, my mom does, anyway.

    Saturday was supposed to be my NSTP prelims. I was in the car with my mom, and we were already in Banawe when I received a text message saying that the NSTP was cancelled due to the UST server failure (surprise, surprise).
    Miffed at the hassle of waking up early but also relieved that I had time to study some more, my mom and I went to Trinoma to burn cash. And burn cash we did!
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    New Year’s Resolutions: A Check-Up

    Last January, I wrote down all the things I hope to accomplish in 2010. Now, it’s June, and I wanted to see how well I’ve been holding up my New Year’s resolutions.

    I will get over my broken heart.

    Easier said than done; I never was one to easily let go of people, let alone my longest, most serious relationship to date. I can still remember the night I realized that I had fallen out of love.
    It was a school night, a hot and sticky night. I was lying in bed when all of a sudden, my ex-boyfriend texted me. We got to talking, and halfway through our conversation I realized that I was bored. My heart wasn’t pounding hard, I wasn’t reminiscing of the good times we had—I was actually really, completely, totally bored with the conversation.
    I had cried rivers of tears. My pillow had seen so many sleepless nights. The heartbreak felt like it would never end.
    It was the most ecstatic feeling to know that I had overcome that.

    I will study harder.

    Aaaaah, every student’s New Year’s resolution! Unfortunately, one I could not keep.
    In the last semester of my first year in college, I got the lowest grades I have ever received in my whole life.
    The first thing I thought of was my family and their reactions. Despite being the black sheep from time to time, I love my family and hate to disappoint them. My poor academic performance will most certainly not be a cause for their celebration.
    Breaking down in tears, I texted my best friend, asking him to call because I really needed to talk to someone. To add to my chagrin, my mom arrived while I was in the midst of my crying fit. She took one look at my tearstained face and tangled hair (on which I was pulling out of despair) and said, “Nakita mo na grades mo ‘no?”

    I will be a better friend.

    I’d like to say I have accomplished this, but my friends might think otherwise, so… Can anyone testify to this?

    Lose weight.

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    Retail therapy

    Today I spent ten thousand pesos in a single shopping trip in Trinoma. Now, as extravagant as it sounds, it’s only because of a major purchase: a new cellphone.
    I bought a Samsung Corby Pro B3410. It’s a full touchscreen phone with a sliding QWERTY keypad. It has excellent sound quality and great photo resolution. This baby cost me PHP7500.
    Since this is the first time I bought a cellphone with my own money (even though I didn’t save up for it, it’s still my money because my mom gave it to me as a birthday present), I’m thinking I should give it a name, kinda like how some people name their laptops or DSLRs. What do you guys think I should name it? Comment, please!
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    Show me the money!

    My mom asked me if I would prefer cash over having an eighteenth birthday celebration. She’s been suggesting this for months now, and the idea has always appealed to me, but P20,000 wasn’t enough for me then to give up celebrating my birthday with friends.
    This morning, however, she offered me P30,000. Thirty-freaking-thousand pesos for me not to have a swimming party.