• Family

    Before there was ROMA, there was ROMEO.

    An entry dedicated to my dad, Romeo. Papa, if you’re reading this (as unlikely as it may be), wherever you are, I’m your daughter and I want to meet you.

    Grey’s Anatomy, I think, influenced me way too much, with the drama, the songs, the word seriously, and the emotional one-liners that they repeat over and over during the climax of the episode. Anyway, the main character, Dr. Meredith Grey, has abandonment/daddy issues. There was a particular episode where she knocks on her father’s door, and demands an explanation as to why he had left her and her mother. “Why didn’t you stay? Why didn’t you stay and fight for us?”

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about my own father and how I’d like to meet him. Don’t get me wrong: my family on the mother’s side is the best. They never lacked in love and togetherness. Having grown up with five guys in the family, I never really sought a father figure. And my mom did an excellent job at being a single parent: always finding time for me, and giving me everything I need and almost everything I want.