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    My love/hate relationship with heels

    I actually used to love wearing heels. In my first year of college, I wore heels all the time. I wore ’em for school, even when I sprained my ankle. I wore ’em to Paskuhan, which was an epic mistake because at the end of the night I was limping. Heels, I believed, were a great way to make up for my lack of height, and instantly made anyone that much more fabulous.
    In my sophomore year of college, I started wearing flats again, because 1) commuting is hard enough without having to walk on stilts, 2) I was always drinking/drunk and I needed flats to keep my balance when I’m dizzy, and 3) my feet always hurt. There is no greater relief than kicking off four-inch-high shoes in favor of ballet flats or flip-flops.
    My boss gave me these heels!
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    Random update (in photos)

    Family outing

    Took an unpaid day off work to celebrate Lolo‘s birthday with the family. I haven’t spent time with them in quite a while: I hardly ever go home anymore, preferring to spend the weekends in my apartment instead. So this is a nice change of pace.

    HR Team bonding

    At work, we get quarterly budgets to spend bonding with our department co-workers. This quarter, we decided to go to SM MOA for Sakae Sushi.
    My plates.
    I stuffed my face with tuna sushi and sweet-and-sour fried fish of some sort.

    May the odds be ever in your favor

    I went to see Godzilla in IMAX with The Best Friend last week. We spotted this mockingjay necklace in a comic book store and of course I had to have it.

    New addiction: Zalora

    Shopping is fun, but it’s easy to get bored and tired of going from shop to shop in a crowded mall. Thanks to Zalora, impulse-buying can be less stressful. :p Now I’m addicted to browsing their site and adding to my wishlist.
    Recently, I ordered a new pair of shoes and they arrived the next day. Super fast service!

    So girly!

    You’ve gotten good at hiding emotion…

    A lyric from Sleight of Hand, AKA my new favorite Urbandub song. THIS IS MY LIFE.

    So, that’s that. How are you guys doing? :3

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    Shopping > Harry Potter

    I cut my last two classes to meet my mom at Gateway with the intention to watch Harry Potter. In the middle of stuffing our faces at Taco Bell, however, my mom offered me two thousand pesos—in cash, clothes, shoes, books, whatever I wanted—if I agreed to shop instead of watching HP.

    To ease my pain, I bought a pair of Lee skinny jeans and a black lace top that Mom calls *~goth~* but whatever I love it because it’s black, both of which I might wear at this year’s Paskuhan.
    I also got:

    Yay yay yay booklust! It’s cheaper by PHP200 in Fully Booked than in Powerbooks.
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    Tongue ring *~is love~*

    Today, I decided to do the thing I have wanted to do for a couple of years now.

    I got my tongue pierced! Yay!

    It cost PHP700 at Toxztattoo in Robinson’s Metro East. Some might find the price a bit steep, but it’s worth it to know that I’m getting a safe procedure, not in some shady, hepatitis-infested tattoo parlor from Recto.

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    Burning cash

    A few days ago, my mom and I went to Robinson’s Metro East to shop for a few necessary items, including a new pair of school shoes for me. We ended up getting a hell of a lot more than we intended to. Yay!
    School shoes from Sugus.
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    I got cash to burn…. Well, my mom does, anyway.

    Saturday was supposed to be my NSTP prelims. I was in the car with my mom, and we were already in Banawe when I received a text message saying that the NSTP was cancelled due to the UST server failure (surprise, surprise).
    Miffed at the hassle of waking up early but also relieved that I had time to study some more, my mom and I went to Trinoma to burn cash. And burn cash we did!