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    Sunday with The Best Friend

    • My shoes gave out while we were at MOA, so I had an excuse to buy new ones ūüėČ

    • We watched Django Unchained at Cubao since MOA doesn’t have it in their theaters.¬†Seriously? They’re not showing Django but they’re showing Must Be Love? Seriously? *facepalm*
    • I finally found a copy of Trese 4. I have Trese 1, 2, 3, and 5, so this makes my collection complete, yay!
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    Not sure if I should feel loved or annoyed

    In my previous entry, I mentioned how I fell ill in my last day in Caleruega. I had a high fever and chills that lasted for three days. When I went to the doctor, she diagnosed me with urinary tract infection or UTI, and told me to avoid the following:

    1. salty food
    2. junk food
    3. soft drinks

    In short, she halved my diet.

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    I recently met with The Best Friend for our #XmasThing2012.

    Hashtag inspired by Community.

    Despite me wanting to go somewhere new, we ended up once again at Quezon City. It was a downgrade from #XmasThing2011 when we went ice skating, but a definite upgrade from 2010 when we just hung out at a strip mall in Marikina. Either way, it was memorable.

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    My 20th birthday celebration with The Best Friend

    Despite SM Mall of Asia being two hours away from where I live, I enjoy going there. I always find something worthwhile there, even if it’s just seeing the rink where I first ice-skated, or having the strong sea breeze ruffle my hair. So that’s where The Best Friend and I decided to go celebrate my birthday.

    Dinner at Pancake House

    Here’s how we decided where to eat: Racks? Too expensive. Taco Bell? Not nearly special enough for this occasion. What’s a good-enough-but-not-too-high-end restaurant? Pancake House!
    Probably my favorite part of Pulp Fiction is Mia and Vincent’s conversation in the restaurant about milkshakes. And guess what we ordered?
    …a pretty fucking good milkshake.
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    Birthdays with YC = always good fun

    I can’t believe this is the fourth year we’ve celebrated birthdays together. The first birthday we celebrated as a group was my seventeenth: we had pizza at Yellow Cab and christened ourselves the YC Buddies. We’re adorable like that.

    Despite my dramatic sad bullshit at the thought that this would be the last time we’re celebrating birthdays as classmates, we had fun. Prelims are over so it was good enough time to blow off steam.

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    Sink or swim

    A dosage of harsh truth: if you gave yourself half the love you’ve given him, you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

    You might tell me love is unselfish, or love is unconditional. Bullshit. This is the time for you, for once, to be selfish and self-centered.

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    Summer fun

    (This photo-heavy post about my recent summer activities is brought to you by my ever-diminishing attention span.)

    March 24: BES Ball

    We attended this formal year-end event organized by UST’s Behavioral Science Society.¬†It’s fun to be girly and¬†kikay every once in a while, especially since my definition of “dressed up” is “wearing something other than shorts, a shirt, and sneakers”.

    March 28: Dylan’s high school graduation

    My younger cousin Dylan just graduated from high school and we celebrated with a dinner at Cafe Lidia, my favorite restaurant in Marikina.

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    Thanks to our conflicting schedules, I only get to see Gelo around once a month. It sucks donkey balls, but it’s a blessing in disguise, because when we do meet, we make sure it counts.

    Yesterday, we went to Gateway. I am sick of malls, so before that, we tried coming up with other places we could go, including Milky & Sunny, Bookay-Ukay, and Quezon Memorial Circle. We even almost boarded a bus to Tagaytay on a whim, until we decided to just go to Cubao. Shame. I really wanted to go to Tagaytay, but we’ll save it for next time.

    Anyway, Instagram photos of yesterday~

    Taco Bell, as usual
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    Happy Blood and Peanut Butter Day!


    You are Finn-ter Angelo and I shall be Mikaelarceline! #AdventureTimeGeekgasm

    It’s February 12 and you know what that means.
    God, you’re so fucking old already.
    I mean, seriously. You’re twenty. TWENTY. Your age no longer has the -teen suffix. You’re an adult now! You’re growing up! I wish I could say the same for your height, though. HAH!



    So, you know the deal. This is the third birthday blog I’ve written for you, and you know that I’m just going to prattle on about how you’re an amazing person and how I’m lucky to have you in my life, blah blah.

    But I can’t help it; you are amazing. You:

    • are the best listener I’ve known. When I talk to you, you don’t seem distracted or uninterested, you engage me and make me feel better even if your advice, um, sucks
    • are the only one who doesn’t get annoyed when I get picky and high-maintenance about where to eat. California Pizza Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti House, Cafe France… Yep, you’d eat with me anywhere
    • are a good sport when I beat you in videoke (in your face, cunt! TAYLOR SWIFT 4EVR!)
    • don’t know how to accept compliments about your art, which pisses me off because you’re talented
    • were so generous as to give me your original copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I never really forgot that favor
    • always manage to salvage my self-esteem when I feel like a needy, clingy, worthless loser
    • have EXCELLENT taste in music and movies

    For me, your birthday is a big deal, because hello, this is the day you were born and I am so thankful that you are alive today. So. You know. Happy birthday, I labia, and stuff!

    (You might have noticed that I made a conscious effort not to make this too sappy. My sketchpad is cheesy enough.)

    Adventure Time photo taken here. Because I like to give credit.

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    UST @ 401: Neo-Centennial

    Last week, the University of Santo Tomas held its closing celebration for the Quadricentennial. I almost didn’t go because I didn’t think I’d be missing out on anything. Boy, am I glad that I chose to drag my ass to Manila, because it was a hell of a time!

    We participated in¬†40,000 Voices for UST, ate free food (the lechong karne was DA BEST), and watched the program which¬†included performances by Rico Blanco, Side A (much to my mom‘s jealousy), and Gloc 9.

    There was a technical problem that delayed the program for several minutes, during which time my friends and I decided to have a concert of our own, belting out Thinking of You at the top of our lungs.