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    Resolutions and Goals for 2019

    In a manic pursuit of self-improvement, I created an extensive list in Todoist of my goals in 2019.

    goals, resolutions, 2019

    Really, I’m setting myself up for failure, because there are so many damned goals:

    Meditate twice daily! Exercise! Stop smoking! Meet with Gelo! Read more books! Write more often! Eat at new restaurants! Go to the theater! Meet with YC! Visit a museum! Arrange an out of town trip with Boopy! Meet with the squad! Donate to my preferred animal shelter! Meet with Kath!

    Just a few of my goals for 2019.

    It’s ironic that one of my goals is “make time for yourself”. Seriously, after doing all this, how am I supposed to even keep my eyes open?

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    How to run with feelings

    You need to have: a broken heart, shattered dreams, or an existential crisis. Preferably all of the above. Oh, and good running shoes.

    Photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

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    I quit smoking last year, and I’m surprisingly happy about it

    I have been a smoker since 2009. The past 3 years, I smoked a pack or two a day. Smoking brought me relief from stress, it made me feel better after a big meal, and it was perfect with a cup of coffee. When I was unemployed, I smoked a couple of packs a day out of sheer boredom.

    There was also a social aspect: smokers tend to go on breaks together and chit-chat while puffing away.


    So what made me decide to quit in December 2017?

    My coworker got gifted a vape set by his friend, and I tried puffing on it just to see if it tasted good. I had tried vaping before, and I hated it because it made me cough.

    This time around, though, I liked it enough to buy my own mod, atomizer, and juices. I was excited at the prospect of a new hobby. I watched videos on how to wick properly, and went to several vape shops to taste new juices.

    vape, juice, ecig, ejuice

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    Not sure if I should feel loved or annoyed

    In my previous entry, I mentioned how I fell ill in my last day in Caleruega. I had a high fever and chills that lasted for three days. When I went to the doctor, she diagnosed me with urinary tract infection or UTI, and told me to avoid the following:

    1. salty food
    2. junk food
    3. soft drinks

    In short, she halved my diet.

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    Weight a minute.

    In one year, I have gained around 5 pounds, thanks to endless weekend junk food binges and complete inability to stick to an exercise routine. Now, every time I go to our house in Marikina, my family says, “Ang taba mo na!” Every. Single. Damn. Time.
    To be perfectly honest, my weight doesn’t bother me that much. Okay, so I gained weight. Big deal. It only ever bothers me when some of my clothes don’t fit anymore. It only bothers me because of the way people react. “Tumaba ka!” they half-yell in an annoyingly condescending tone, with a matching condescending smile on their face.