• Depression and anxiety

    Self-loathing, or I wish I were anybody else but me

    Self-loathing has become such a part of my identity that it’s hard to part with it. I have my good days, like when I’m feeling that everything is awesome and I can conquer the world. Still, more often than not, I have my bad days, when the world threatens to crush my spirits.
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  • Depression and anxiety,  Ruminations

    You can endure

    The moment you got home to your apartment, you curled up on the floor. Fully dressed, you lay there prone for what felt like hours. You wanted to wipe off your make-up, to get undressed, to take a shower, but everything felt like it took too much strength. You didn’t even make it to your bed. You watched the afternoon light fade, and when it got dark, you finally worked up the energy to flip the light switch.