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What Cigarettes Contain

What Cigarettes Contain

“4000+ chemicals, 43 of which are carcinogenic.” (From

I like you in the way I like my cigarettes – always onhand. A constant. I am always craving more. Always wanting just one more hit – one more kiss.

And yet you are infinitely better for me than these carcinogen sticks. And I don’t just mean good for my body. I mean good for my heart, good for my soul. Yet you both make me feel breathless.

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everything is better when it’s new

everything is better when it’s new

new, beach, sea, blue, brown, poetry, love, relationships

that new car smell
a fresh pack of cigarettes
an unopened book –
newness makes us believe,
hope for something
than what we have
if that’s the case,
then why
do i crave
the familiarity of
your face
your gaze
your arms as they graze
against mine?
is overrated.
i long
for you
in the long



Despite me being nearly 26, I’m still harboring issues towards intimacy and romantic relationships. I have abandonment issues, so I push my partners away and pick fights just to see if they’ll stick around anyway. And if they give up, I’ll say, “Ah, see, I was right: no one stays.”

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It doesn’t help that I’m a very prideful person, and I am loathe to make the first move when it comes to apologizing. I’d rather wait on pins and needles for them to reach out.

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Facing your monsters

Facing your monsters

We each have our own demons to fight. You were instrumental in helping me fight mine, and you never made me feel alone as I battled my demons.

Now, it’s you who’s facing your own monsters. As much as I’d like to help, I know this isn’t my fight. It’s yours. All I can do is lend a helping hand as you need it, but other than that, you’re gonna have to face this on your own.

Just know that I’ll be waiting at the end of it all, with open arms and eyes gleaming with pride.