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    Optimism Challenge: Day 2-3

    This was supposed to be last Tuesday, but after I tell you what happened that day, you’ll realize why I wasn’t able to blog that day.
    Three good things about that day:
    1. We only had one subject (Math) though I didn’t tell mom so I would be able to stay out until 7PM
    2. The YC Buddies got together to eat. This is a good thing because it’s hard to get all seven of us to go out together, even though we’re classmates.
    3. Had a sleepover with Babs and Zen.
    Lemme elaborate on the third point.
    I suggested that we all go home to my place. During the tricycle ride home, it stopped dead in the middle of the road, where tall grass grew and the lone streetlight was a couple minutes’ walk away. Of course I was freaked out, and Zen was, too. It was actually quite funny, the way we were arguing whether or not we should just walk, until a tricycle appeared and we hitched a ride.
    Both tricycle drivers insisted that there was a manananggal in the neighborhood. Thanks for telling me that. I only go home late, like, every day, so no reason for me to be scared, right? #sarcasm
    After getting home, we watched Vacancy. Well, I watched it; the two of them took turns watching while the other was asleep.
    We spent the following morning just bumming around our house. We ate a lot of take-out, watched a lot of movies (Zen kept complaining so we changed the movies five fucking times before we found one he liked), had a chess tournament wherein Babs lost match after match (it was the only chess game I had ever watched where the players trash-talked—hilarious!), attempted to study, wasted about half an hour looking through my clothes for something that would fit Babs, and wasted an hour looking for Zen’s cellphone battery, which was in the pillowcase all along.
    After they left, I took a shower and went to the living room window, when suddenly I heard a whisper, “Ela!” Holy shit, I thought it was a ghost! Turned out that the two idiots got lost on their way to the guardhouse. I ended up calling a tricycle for them.
    It was a pretty fun bonding experience. I just hope my mom doesn’t think the worst of me for letting two guys sleep over. Haha.
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    I ain’t no crazy confident chick.

    Recently, I asked Bru and Babs, “Hindi ba halatang insecure ako?” to which they replied with a resounding an unanimous no.
    I guess it should be flattering that they think I have confidence in myself, but the truth is, I am chock-full of insecurities. When I’m looking at a mirror, my thoughts go like this: My nose, pores, and mouth are too big. My right eye is smaller than my left. My cheeks look swollen. I’m so fat. I HATE MY HAIR (although not so much lately, because I had it rebonded)!
    Me, confident? Confident my fat ass.
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    New Year’s Resolutions: A Check-Up

    Last January, I wrote down all the things I hope to accomplish in 2010. Now, it’s June, and I wanted to see how well I’ve been holding up my New Year’s resolutions.

    I will get over my broken heart.

    Easier said than done; I never was one to easily let go of people, let alone my longest, most serious relationship to date. I can still remember the night I realized that I had fallen out of love.
    It was a school night, a hot and sticky night. I was lying in bed when all of a sudden, my ex-boyfriend texted me. We got to talking, and halfway through our conversation I realized that I was bored. My heart wasn’t pounding hard, I wasn’t reminiscing of the good times we had—I was actually really, completely, totally bored with the conversation.
    I had cried rivers of tears. My pillow had seen so many sleepless nights. The heartbreak felt like it would never end.
    It was the most ecstatic feeling to know that I had overcome that.

    I will study harder.

    Aaaaah, every student’s New Year’s resolution! Unfortunately, one I could not keep.
    In the last semester of my first year in college, I got the lowest grades I have ever received in my whole life.
    The first thing I thought of was my family and their reactions. Despite being the black sheep from time to time, I love my family and hate to disappoint them. My poor academic performance will most certainly not be a cause for their celebration.
    Breaking down in tears, I texted my best friend, asking him to call because I really needed to talk to someone. To add to my chagrin, my mom arrived while I was in the midst of my crying fit. She took one look at my tearstained face and tangled hair (on which I was pulling out of despair) and said, “Nakita mo na grades mo ‘no?”

    I will be a better friend.

    I’d like to say I have accomplished this, but my friends might think otherwise, so… Can anyone testify to this?

    Lose weight.