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    On Shoshanna’s strength

    The second season of Girls showed Shoshanna, a bright, driven, and lively young woman, breaking up with the perpetually angry and cynical Ray. Their match was unlikely but entertaining, to say the least, because their different personalities made it so interesting to watch.
    [photo source]
    The main reason why Shosh broke up with Ray is his personality is far too grim. He has no ambition, he is always angry, and she feels he is holding her back from being a “fully formed human”. All valid and acceptable reasons. But the thing is, she loves him, “to the ends of the world and back, so much”.
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    Random update (in photos)

    Family outing

    Took an unpaid day off work to celebrate Lolo‘s birthday with the family. I haven’t spent time with them in quite a while: I hardly ever go home anymore, preferring to spend the weekends in my apartment instead. So this is a nice change of pace.

    HR Team bonding

    At work, we get quarterly budgets to spend bonding with our department co-workers. This quarter, we decided to go to SM MOA for Sakae Sushi.
    My plates.
    I stuffed my face with tuna sushi and sweet-and-sour fried fish of some sort.

    May the odds be ever in your favor

    I went to see Godzilla in IMAX with The Best Friend last week. We spotted this mockingjay necklace in a comic book store and of course I had to have it.

    New addiction: Zalora

    Shopping is fun, but it’s easy to get bored and tired of going from shop to shop in a crowded mall. Thanks to Zalora, impulse-buying can be less stressful. :p Now I’m addicted to browsing their site and adding to my wishlist.
    Recently, I ordered a new pair of shoes and they arrived the next day. Super fast service!

    So girly!

    You’ve gotten good at hiding emotion…

    A lyric from Sleight of Hand, AKA my new favorite Urbandub song. THIS IS MY LIFE.

    So, that’s that. How are you guys doing? :3

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    Recent Loves

    A collection of recently discovered things I am loving right now.

    Kate or Die

    Kate’s colorful art is perfect for her lighthearted comics. They’re mostly about her everyday life, from pit stains
    to rants about feminism:

    Her comics have a conversational tone, as though Kate’s just talking to her friends instead of strangers on the Internet. I actually think they’re a lot like personal blog posts, only in comics form, which is why I enjoy going through the archives.
    Oh, and I adore her Deadpool/Spider-Man ship:
    That hand grenade ring is PERFECT for Deadpool!!!

    Shiba Sommelier

    This Tumblr blog reviews various wines, and posts them with a photo of a Shiba Inu and the wine bottle.

    Much Shiba. Much Wine.”

    Now I don’t like wine (all I ever drink is Red Horse beer), but I LOVE dogs, and this beautiful Shibe keeps me coming back for more <3

    The Most Popular Girls in School

    Youtube series
    It’s a freakin’ stop-motion series starring Barbie dolls. How can I not get hooked?!

    [photo source]

    TMPGIS follows the rivalry of the Van Buren sisters and the Overland Park Cheer Squad, as well as the lives of other students in Overland Park. What makes this show so great is that even the supporting characters are hilarious: there’s a desperate lunch lady, a sad-sack 27-year-old, and a pregnant French (Canadian?) student.

    Also, lots of cursing.
    [photo source]

    So that’s it for Recent Loves. ‘Til next time! I’m a little busy so I won’t be updating the blog as much. Byeeee!

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    In which I rant about Girls (season 3, episodes 1-5)

    Major spoilers for the entire post. Also NSFW for a photo of Gaby Hoffman’s pubic hair.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first two seasons of Lena Dunham’s series Girls. Season 2’s ending got me on tenterhooks: Hannah’s OCD getting the better of her was one of the most emotional season endings I’ve watched. Plus, Ray and Shoshanna’s break-up scene was a great turning point as Shosh realizes that she needs room to explore new things. As such, I excitedly waited for season 3 to see what happened next.

    Episode 1 – Females Only

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    Monsters University: not just for kids

    Monsters, Inc.was a smash hit. When they announced that they were making a prequel, I went through all the normal levels of fan anxiety thinking that it wasn’t going to be as good as the original movie. And it turns out, I was right.

    Click on photo for source

    It was better.


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    My top 5 minor Friends characters

    I didn’t include the main six because every one of them is awesome. Instead, I opted for the guest/recurring characters, the ones who appeared every once in a while to give a little spice to the lives of our six friends.
    [photo source]
    In no particular order…
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    My top 10 Malcolm in the Middle episodes

    Photo taken here.

    Having just finished watching all seven seasons of Malcolm in the Middle, I now find myself utterly unable to consume any other TV series on my to-watch list. I attempted to watch Girls but it ended with me rewatching the last episode of MITM.

    And since I’m (hopefully temporarily) incapable of thinking about anything else, I decided to compile my 10 favorite episodes.
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    In defense of Peeta

    Disclaimer: If you haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy then you should know this post is full of spoilers!

    There seems to be a lot of Peeta-bashing around. He’s been called weak, boring, and useless—stuff that is neither true nor fair.
    Peeta Mellark is a wonderful character all-around. Here’s why:

    He’s clever and silver-tongued.

    He knows how to play the audience. He came up with the idea that he and Katniss should be presented as lovers, which played a big role in how they became victors. His on-air admission of his love made her an object of desire, someone the viewers, and more importantly, the sponsors, could truly root for. Then, in Catching Fire, he presented Katniss as pregnant to gain sympathy from the Capitol audience.Katniss herself admits this: Peeta’s greatest power is his ability to manipulate people’s emotions using his words. When the Capitol had Peeta and broadcast his anti-war propaganda, the rebellion was worried because they know how powerful Peeta can be, how his words can move people.

    He’s strong and brave.

    Never mind his physical strength enabling him to throw a hundred pounds easily. He’s strong because he faces his problems even if the odds are against him. Got chosen as a tribute? Train like crazy even if he doesn’t have a chance at being victor. The girl he loves doesn’t love him back? Save her life anyway. Useless to the rebellion after tracker jackers made your mind all loopy? Ask to be separated so you can at least serve as a distraction to the Capitol’s forces.
    He’s also courageous. Is there an instance where he refused to do what he felt was right because he was afraid of the consequences? Um, no. He teamed up with the Careers even though it was dangerous, just to save Katniss. He alerted District 13 about the impending air attack even though he knows he’ll get punished for it by the Capitol. He’s a BAMF is what I’m sayin’.
    Slight digression: I think a big reason why people say he’s weak is because he’s a man. If he were a woman, people wouldn’t be scrutinizing this so much, but since Katniss—a girl—is the savior here, he’s labeled useless. Apparently, being rescued by a woman makes a character weak.
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    A question about As Told By Ginger

    If you’re my age and watched Nickelodeon as a child, then you’d remember As Told By Ginger. It’s an animated series about teenager Ginger Foutley and her BFFs Dodie Bishop and Macie Lightfoot, and their struggles in middle school (eventually high school). It’s an awesome series, especially if you’re a teen—you could relate to their problems about boys, friendship, family, and growing up.
    Still, I have one qualm about ATBG.
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    Streets behind on Community

    I’ve been hearing about Community for a long time now but I’ve only watched it this week. I’m streets behind, seeing as it first aired in 2009.

    I’ve just spent the last three days curled up on the couch with Gelo and my mom, marathon-watching this series from the first season to the last. Its well-written, eccentric characters (including a former prescription drug addict and a cross-dressing dean) and sharp dialogue combined with the often outlandish situations make for the sort of humor that has me in stitches for 21 minutes.