Purple hair, don’t care

So if you’re not following me on Instagram (which you really should be—you’re missing out on a lot of cat photos), you might not have known that I finally achieved a life goal of mine. I had my hair colored purple, yay!

Back in 2016, I colored the tips of my hair a dark teal, but it wasn’t obvious then. Now, though, my entire mane is an ashy purple and I feel like such a cliché: a depressed girl who colors her hair an unusual color! What a shocker!

purple hair

I got my hair done at T&J Salon Professionals in SM San Mateo.

They had a promo, so only it cost me PHP6500. The promo was a steal because the price stayed the same regardless of how many rounds of bleach were required. If I remember correctly, one round of bleaching normally costs PHP1000, which means I got a good deal because with my thick hair, I needed 4-5 rounds before it was a workable lightness.

All the chemical treatments I’ve had done over the years did extensive damage to my hair. As expected, it did not take kindly to bleaching. My hair was extremely dry and rough prior to the color being applied. I almost panicked: dear god, what have I done?

It looks like broom bristles!

However, after several hours, I turned out to be very happy with the result.

purple hair

The process has left my hair severely dry and prone to tangles. It’s also a lot more high-maintenance now: I have to blow-dry it if I want it to be relatively tame, I apply serum to it, and I deep-condition it every time I wash it.

Still, it’s so worth it! Honestly, this change in appearance greatly boosted my self-esteem, and I’ll take all the good I can get.

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