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    Reflections on 2018

    Every end of the year, I reflect on what transpired over the course of the past 365 days. I am a naturally introspective person, so I enjoy examining these events and the effects they’ve had on me.

    Living with depression, it’s always the default to see things in extremes, i.e. this year has been terrible. My perspective is skewed to look at the shitty parts of life, so in this post, I’ll do my best to be as rational as possible.

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    Kylie was really onto something there.
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    YNAB: You Need A Budget (Yes, you do!)

    You Need A Budget, or YNAB as it’s affectionately called by us YNABers, is a personal finance management app that underscores the philosophy of zero-based budgeting.

    YNAB, personal finance management, apps

    I stumbled upon YNAB on the App Store’s recommendations list and now I am quite addicted. I check it multiple times a day, and religiously input every single expense and income.

    YNAB says that it takes an average user 4-12 months to see positive results if you follow their 4 Rules. I especially like rule number 3 (Roll With the Punches), because it doesn’t let you beat yourself up if you’ve forgotten to budget for a particular need. The rules are basically all about prioritizing: where do you need to put your money?