Obligatory “First Day of Classes” Blog

Obligatory “First Day of Classes” Blog

On June 5, there was a Tumblr meet-up in SM Mall of Asia. Hundreds of people came, including my Tumblr friends. As expected, my mom didn’t allow me to go, so imagine how happy I was when I found out that there was another meet-up at UST on the first day of classes.

When I got to the meet-up in Plaza Mayor, I looked for Iyay and sat quietly beside her. You should know that I am very socially awkward, and talking to people is a challenge for me. As the hours passed by, I found myself opening up.

I’m no good at writing narrative texts, so yay for bullets!

  • Played Frisbee for the first time with Sieg
  • Met a lot of people, including Becs (who, despite her notoriety on Tumblr, is actually nice), Maxene, Leo, Iyay, Andy, Prex, Tey, and DJGelo.
I got home at around 9PM. That might seem early, but trust me, to my mom it’s like midnight. She gave me such a telling-off, which fell on deaf ears because I had so much fun!
What a way to start the semester. 🙂

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