Thomasian Debaters Council

Thomasian Debaters Council

Earlier tonight, I was chomping on bread and corned beef when I received a text message.

Hi TDC aspirants! Results of the tryouts will be posted at exactly 12 midnight later.

As you may not know, last Saturday, I tried out for the Thomasian Debaters Council. It’s an organization recognized by the University of Santo Tomas which participates in debates (duh) both locally and internationally.

It may strike you odd that I didn’t write about this before. See, I didn’t tell people that I was trying out because I didn’t want people to ask, “Oh, natanggap ka ba sa org?” If I didn’t get in, I would then dejectedly shake my head and be reminded of the fact that I wasn’t good enough (I don’t handle rejection too well).
Not wanting to subject myself to that psychological abuse, I kept this very quiet.
Back to tonight.
So as to make it seem that I am not too eager to see the results, I tried waiting a few minutes before I opened the site.
At 12:13AM, I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the website to which they were going to post the results. It was listed alphabetically by last name, so I scrolled down to the middle of the list and started reading.
D… F… G…
Finally, I stopped on the only “K”:
Disbelief held me in place for a few seconds before I scrolled back up to see if I read it right.
Yes, it was right: I was officially accepted into the TDC.
Before I knew it, this huge grin was on my face and I was dancing around in our living room. Like a boss.

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