National Library

National Library

So today, I went to the National Library of the Philippines with Gab, Bru, Babes, Ressa, Jill, and Kevin. It’s in Kalaw, so yay, me for knowing a new place today!Gab said it was a historic place, but I don’t think it was worth the trouble: we paid P50 for the required library card, P40 for the 1×1 pictures which was required for the required library card, and P1 for every page we had photocopied (which was a lot). Not to mention all the hassle of getting out pictures taken, lining up for the library card, abiding by the rule of taking out only two books at a time to have photocopied, enduring the non-aircon-ness of the building, putting up with the disagreeable, seemingly menopause-ing librarians, and lining up for several long minutes for the Xerox… 

Needless to say, I’m not going back there. I’m going to the UST library, where librarians are mostly young and friendly, the air conditioning is always working, and Xerox machines are available on every floor.

Now, I gotta help Peter Angelo with his research paper, which I swore to him I’d do, and type some work stuff for my mom. I am already so sleepy.

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