Tiring Thursday

Tiring Thursday

I haven’t blogged much lately, it’s probably because I have a life (oh, yes, I do have a life!). A lot has happened this week, but I’m gonna start with yesterday, Thursday, because Friday hasn’t been a very good day.
Our first subject, English, is just meh, but I like it because it allows me to do what I love: writing. Yes, I feel like a nerd during that class because I enjoy academic writing, contrary to my seatmate who spends English time complaining and cussing (he’s hilarious, though, don’t get me wrong).
We were supposed to change the structure of a given sentence, and when I volunteered the right answer, my classmates were like, “Whoa!” One of them even complimented me on how great my English is, which, of course, made me smile. I was blushing, though; I’m not used to receiving praise.

We had free time during Math, so Gab, Kevin, and I headed to Dapitan to buy Crepe Cones. It was my first time to eat one of those delicious ice cream-filled confectioneries, and I can now say that I am hooked like a druggie on crack. Dear diet, fuck off.
As always, History was great: our professor, Ernie Mabahague, is so incredibly engaging that even if my attention span is only about fifteen minutes, he can keep me listening for hours on end.
Anyway, he caught Gab and Paula laughing about Kat, and made me laugh with this observation about typical student behavior:

Pag tinanong kayo kung ano’ng nakakatawa, sasabihin niyo, “Wala.” Ano yun: “Hehe.” “Bakit?” “Wala.”

Later, around half an hour before dismissal, rain started pouring. Like, cats-and-dogs raining. I hurried to P. Noval corner España hoping to get home as quickly as possible, but before I could hail a bus/jeep/FX, I noticed this Artlet girl who was standing helplessly without an umbrella. I offered to share my umbrella and wait for her to get on a jeep, at which point I found out her name was Lara and that she was a BES major in the next section.
When I finally got into an FX, three CFAD students were in there with me. Let me just spell this out for you: They. Were. So. Goddamn. Annoying.
They talked too loudly so that even though my headset was on full volume, I could still hear their voices clanging in my eardrums.
They fidgeted too much.
They kept singing and talking on their cellphones, which must have annoyed the other earphone-less passengers.
One girl in particular was the most annoying of the three douchebags: she apparently forgot to do something, and complained about it repeatedly in a shrill, loud voice: “Oh my god, nalimutan ko! Shit! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh my god! Bukas na lang siguro. Stupid!”
You’re stupid, okay, I get it. Shut the fuck up.
I got home damp, cranky, and tired, and when all I wanted to do was rest, I remembered that I had a puyatan bet going on with Kevin. We stayed up ’til morning talking on the phone and texting, until I fell asleep.
When I woke up, his message was: “Talo ako.”
Ahh, the sweet scent of victory.

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