My Friday the thirteenth

My Friday the thirteenth

Days ago, I decided to have my birthday celebration on Friday, a day before my actual birthday. That morning, I was predictably hyped for the fun that was to be had.

It started in the morning in our classroom. I sat down and chatted with my friends for a little while, when Bene pulled out a bouquet of red roses and beautiful, bright yellow sunflowers (yay!) from the YC Buddies. I don’t shed tears of joy, which I think disappointed them. I really do appreciate the gesture, though; it’s so sweet and thoughtful.

Denyang gave me a gift, too, which she forbade me to open until I got home. It was a pair of sunglasses.
It made me happy, seeing that my friends knew what I wanted.

My birthday high died down a bit when I was taking my Industrial Psychology prelims. I studied, but I had a bit of difficulty, especially since I left my glasses and home and had no way to see the multiple choices written on the board.
For lunch, my blockmates and I went to Trinoma to eat at—where else—Yellow Cab.
Since our barkada was formed there on my seventeenth birthday, we wanted to make it a tradition. My birthday, August 14, is also the YC Buddies’ founding date, so it was a double celebration: eighteen years of my existence and one year of Ava, Aya, Kat, Gab, Ressa, Denyang, and Paula trying our best not to kill each other. ♥
One year.
We played a few games in Timezone. Babs (not to be confused with Babes) arrived with a small paper bag in hand, to my surprise.
Babs wanted to name it Danilo.
We settled on BJ, for some unknown reason.
He was going to give me a Super Mario figurine, but Clipper didn’t have any of those. It’s been less than a month since we met, but I don’t really know how he knew that Mario is my favorite cartoon/video game character.
That night, Bru, Babs, Zen, and I headed to Padi’s Point in Araneta Center to meet my Tumblr friends. When I sent out the text invitations, less than ten people replied, so imagine my surprise when more than nineteen fricking people showed up. Of course, after losing count of how many drinks I’ve downed, I didn’t really care that I didn’t know some of them.
The bill, though, killed my buzz. P3528. My budget was P2500. Holy shit. I had to ask them for money, which was utterly awkward and embarrassing. If I weren’t tipsy, I might have passed out from the sheer humiliation.
After billing out, I wasn’t ready for the night to end, so I suggested that Gab and Babs spend the night at my place. It took several minutes of me and Babs incessantly guilt-tripping Gab before she gave in.
The three of us watched 500 Days of Summer *sniff*, then we shifted into sleepover mode and talked about our families, love lives (or lack thereof), and scary shit like ghosts and third eyes.
Gab fell asleep fairly quickly, so it was only me and Babs who stayed up talking about anything. Everything, actually.
After muffled laughter, whispered talks, and silent pillow fights, the two of us fell asleep, exhausted, at 5:28 in the morning of my birthday.
It was one of the best days I have ever had.

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