Prose and poetry,  Relationships

Coordinating conjunctions go hand in hand with me.

For you, at the very least, I would walk to the ends of this earth
And neither hell
Nor high water can deter me.
But you’re either incredibly ignorant of the suffering I’m enduring for you,
Or you willingly turn a blind eye to my sacrifice. I want to cry out in agony,
Yet my lips are sealed, overcome by soft-spokenness and fear
So I write, the conjunctions a metaphor for hidden emotions.
Inspired by the lecture in English class last Thursday.

Ela is a twentysomething who is constantly getting stuck in self-destructive behavior and bouts of low self-esteem. She struggles with depression and writes to relieve herself of her feelings. Sometimes she even blogs about other things like makeup and positivity. One of her pieces was published in the Inquirer Young Blood in October 2017. She likes cats, dogs, and sometimes even people.

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