On sembreak and sleep deprivation and the fact that they both start with an “s”

After the Finals on the fifteenth, I will be halfway through my second year of college. Makes me realize how fast time is flying.
Anyway, I don’t want my sembreak to be the usual boring routine I fall into so very often (eat-sleep-Internet-DVD is all I do during sembreaks), so I’ve come up with a list of things to do during the days of freedom soon to come.
  1. Attend Gab’s birthday celebration on the sixteenth. Swimming pools, alcohol, good friends—yay!
  2. Explore Manila. I have been dying to do this for months. Must-sees: Chinatown and the National Museum.
  3. Have a sleepover at my San Mateo residence (LOL, saying residence makes me feel like a bawzz) with Bru and other friends who might be interested in taking the long commute just to pig out, watch movies, and talk all night.
  4. Urbandub concert. NEED I SAY MORE? Seriously?
  5. Spend time with Tumblr Loves, whom I miss so much. I haven’t been hanging out with them because… to be honest, I myself don’t know. It just felt like I had too much to do and too little time to do it, and poor time management to boot.
  6. Get a piercing, which I have been aching to do for two years. The thing is, I’ve remained undecided as to where I’d like one. I was decided on a tongue ring, until Plaridel told me it was already overrated, which made me want an industrial pierce, until he told me it was one of the most painful piercings. Plaridel keeps crushing my dreams. I don’t know why.
Tell me, is this or is this not utterly awesome?
I’ll only be able to do all these if my mom lets me out of the house. I’ve been out of the house a lot lately. (I ought to make 5.: Spend time with mom.)
The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy and have deprived me of so much sleep that I keep falling asleep on buses and jeepneys.
To unwind, on Friday, I’m going out with Babs and his friends from Engineering. Should be fun.

Ela is a twentysomething who is constantly getting stuck in self-destructive behavior and bouts of low self-esteem. She struggles with depression and writes to relieve herself of her feelings. Sometimes she even blogs about other things like makeup and positivity. One of her pieces was published in the Inquirer Young Blood in October 2017. She likes cats, dogs, and sometimes even people.

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