Catch-up Tuesday with The Best Friend

Catch-up Tuesday with The Best Friend

Yesterday, after sitting my final exams in Rizal and Rational Psychology, Peter Angelo texted me, asking if I’d like to go to TriNoma. We haven’t met for over a month, so even though I had a NatSci exam (the subject which I might fail) the following day, I agreed.
Every time I commute with Peter, I always end up somehow looking like a complete jackass. This time, he tickled me in the jeepney, and I jumped. Yes, I fucking leapt, almost into a stranger’s lap.
After eating at Taco Bell, we hit Landmark in search of a quarter-sleeve shirt. We also hit Mental and 101 New York. It was in the latter that he found several shirts he liked, including this one:
Okay, so I was gonna upload a photo of him,
but he might be uncomfortable with that, so… yeah, wag na lang.
He ended up buying a black-and-white, checked shirt from 101NY and a white bowtie from Landmark (we dress in monochrome).

Of course I wasn’t gonna go home empty-handed—what, was I his personal assistant?—so I wheedled him into buying me something. Anything! So he bought me a really pretty metal lighter for P170.

A funny thing happened then. We were supposed to buy Jamaican Beef Patties for my mom as pasalubong, but as usual, we were so engrossed in our conversation that we didn’t notice where we were going. Before we knew it, we were outside TriNoma when we were supposed to go to the food court. Lulz.
Tired from talking, walking, laughing, and going ’round in circles, we flopped down on a bench to rest our feet while listening to Urbandub’s A Call to Arms.

There’s no point to keep your head facedown, when all we see and know and feel is temporary.

At that moment, we saw fireworks from across the street. Fireworks! Colorful and gorgeous against the night sky. What a perfect way to end an awesome day.

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