Retail Therapy with The Best Friend (again) at TriNoma (again)

Yes, because it’s TriNoma, not just Trinoma.

The fifteenth is Gab’s birthday, and she’s have the celebration on the sixteenth with the outfit theme of retro-vintage. I do not have anything remotely retro-vintage, owing to the fact that my wardrobe consists of shorts, black shirts, and sneakers, so I asked Peter Angelo if he could accompany me to TriNoma after my final exam.

The first shop we hit was Mental.

The last time we went shopping, I saw a gray blouse there which I thought looked totally vintage, but when I tried it on, he was all, “don’t get that,” so I tried this one:

Blouse/top/whatever from Mental, P750-ish.
My apologies for the sucky pictures and the even suckier set-up.
Was too lazy to find a good spot to shoot my new loot.

Even though the large was a tad too big for me, I instantly fell in love with it. But thanks to the shitty universe constantly conspiring against me, they didn’t have it in a smaller size. We spent a lot of time hopping from boutique to boutique, looking for something equally good. After several disappointments (I’m looking at you, Bayo, Kamiseta, Freeway, 101 New York, Guess, and countless other shops I’ve entered today), I decided to screw this shit and buy the pretty top, even if it was a large.

Next step was to accessorize.

Nothing says vintage like pearls, right? The glass-pearl necklace at Aldo cost P600+, almost the same as my new top. Fuck that! I scrimped and went to Pop Culture.

Fake-pearl necklace from Girl Shoppe, for P170

Then, after buying a gift for Gab, we swung by Bench to buy Clearpore. Blackheads are taking over my nose and I wanna look somewhat good for the party tomorrow.

Shopping empties the stomach as well as the wallet, so we wanted to eat.

Thing was, we couldn’t decide where. I wanted Kenny Rogers, he wanted Burger King. Urgh. Burger King is tasty and whatever, but I’m not really into burgers except for Wendy’s Baconators. Besfran said I was the only person he knew who didn’t like BK. Uhh, I’m sorry??
Hunger overcame us and we decided to compromise: Taco Bell, again. I ain’t complaining, though; I love me my chicken grilled taquitos and cheese quesadillas.

What happened later made me thank the stars that I have Peter for a best friend. It was so nice having a friend who actually liked going to bookstores and obsessing whether or not to get a book that he has been wanting for months—which was J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, if anyone’s interested.
I also bought Willful Creatures, a book by Aimee Bender, who I’ve loved since I’ve read The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

Bought it at Powerbooks for P615.
Ela: *sees book* Uy, uy, Aimee Bender, ayyy!
Peter Angelo: …geek! Geek! Geek!

Do I still need to blog about the usual epic fails we have when we’re together? Particularly the ones where we’re so engrossed in the conversation that we forget where we’re supposed to go and make our walks longer than it should be? No? I didn’t think so.

Before going home, though, we went to Toys’r’Us. Just because.

This is probably the closest thing you’ll see to a photo of Peter and I,
because he expressly forbade me to post his picture on my blog.

Because of this shopping trip, I missed a drinking session with my blockmates, but it was worth it because I got to spend time with one of my best friends.

By the way, sembreak has officially begun! Hell to the yeah!

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