No Urbandub for me

No Urbandub for me

Thank you, Facebook, for rubbing it in. I swear to god, I hate you so much sometimes.
If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen my miserable Tweetitow posts. This morning, when I phoned Music Museum to inquire about tickets, they informed me that all tickets were sold out.
To soothe my obvious, crushing disappointment, my mom offered to take me grocery shopping. I would have been happier with the shopping (I’d choose TriNoma over Save More any day), but I was so down that I’d have agreed to anything at that point.

And so we shopped. I guess my sadness was so apparent in my face, because Mom didn’t stop me from grabbing any and all comfort food that I saw in the grocery store: chocolates, chips, ice cream…
Apparently, I eat my depression. Today’s food intake:
  • five slices of Greenwich’s Monster Cheese and Pepperoni Overload
  • Pizza Fries
  • half a box of Meiji Macadamia chocolates
  • about a cup of Selecta Cookies & Cream and Coffee Crumble ice cream
  • a packet of Milo

*sigh* By now, the concert is over, and my fellow Dubistas are probably ecstatic about having watched Urbandub’s very first major concert (Gabby Alipe, I love you!), while I am sitting here like a total loser. Urgh. I need to eat some more before I howl with misery.

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