My mom and I had yet another fight the other day, after I got home from an impromptu sleepover at Gab’s.
Mom said the usual stuff: that I was a horrible daughter, I was going too far, she was going to send me back to Marikina. And you know what? I think her last idea wasn’t a bad one.
Lately, the two of us have been fighting more than usual. I feel suffocated, she feels neglected; it’s not a healthy combination.
Which is why maybe, not living together for a while might do us good. You know, like how some couples “cool off”.

I don’t want to go back to Marikina, though; the commute is more tiring from UST to there than to here in San Mateo, which is why I have tried to convince my mom to let me stay in a dorm.
I think me living in a dorm would benefit us both because:
  • it would be so much easier for me to go to school. Less hassle, less time and energy spent.
  • I honestly think I could focus more on my studies if I did
  • my mom and I would stop jumping down each other’s throats. I believe some distance would do us good. It would help us appreciate each other.
My mom would never approve, though, because:
  • she would remind me what I told her years ago: “Kaya ko naman mag-commute araw-araw.
  • she would say, “Ngayon ngang malayo bahay mo eh lagi kang naglalakwatsa, pag dorm ka pa kaya?
  • she would say, “Tayong dalawa na nga lang, iiwan mo pa ‘ko?
Plus, she doesn’t trust me at all now. I can’t say I blame her, but damn, if she would just let me dorm for even a semester, I’d prove to her that it’s good for us both.

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