Room tour, AKA what a mess

Since a lot of my friends both IRL and online have not been to my house yet (not that I’m inviting you, lulz), I want to give you guys a tour of my small, cluttered room.

  1. Artwork bag
  2. Backpack I bought with my last boyfriend. Yes, I still use it, because it’s pretty cool.
  3. Favorite bag. Mom’s 2009 Christmas gift.
  4. First book in my favorite trilogy, Griffin and Sabine.
  5. My BlogBerry planner. There, I write down schoolwork to accomplish (as if I get anything done), stuff that makes a day memorable, or just scribbles when I am bored (especially in my last Philosophy class).
  6. Tampons.
  7. Pugad Baboy 19. My love for Pugad Baboy is something that my mom, my dad, and I have in common.
  8. Phoebe, my beloved Japanese Spitz. My mom bought her as a gift to me when I was a high school sophomore.

  1. UST Architecture lanyard which Peter Angelo gave to me. Actually, he didn’t give it to me; the cheapskate actually bought it and demanded that I pay him PHP120 when he handed it to me.
  2. Denisse gave me a pair of brown sunglasses for my birthday.
  3. White-framed sunglasses.
  4. Midol, my savior when I am having menstrual cramps.
  5. Jewelry box which holds MANY pairs of earrings.
  6. A Gibo calendar. I’m still annoyed that I wasn’t able to participate in the 2010 presidential elections.
  7. Three awesome pairs of earrings that Aya gave me as a Christmas present last year.
  8. Prom photobooth picture of me and my high school barkada, Yeah.
  9. My favorite pair of Bench boxer shorts.
(Ignore my reflection in the mirror.)
This is supposed to be my study table, but it turned into a clothes hamper.
  1. High school memorabilia: ID, commuter’s pass, trinkets, pieces from old bulletin board decorations… I’m a pack rat.
  2. Stuffed toys. See the visible one, the purple teddy bear? Her name is Cherry, and she used to have a limp but she has undergone surgery and is now able to walk.
  3. Toys from my childhood that neither me nor my mom could let go of.
  4. Books. I proudly display the ones that I bought with my own money: 1984, the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, stuff by Aimee Bender.
  5. Religious books like God Allows U-turns and Daily Pocket Bible for Teens. My aunt likes to give me this stuff, and I read them, of course, but not as enthusiastically as I read the Harry Potter series which, incidentally, is hidden behind those religious books.
  6. A painting I made when I was in sixth grade! (I am horrible at any attempt at creativity and art, save for writing.)
  7. A Harry Potter poster.

There you have it. Maybe if you mosey on over to my place, you can chill with me here. Although I gotta warn you, we have three cats and two dogs, so if you’re allergic/not fond of pets, you’d best stay away.

Ela is a twentysomething who is constantly getting stuck in self-destructive behavior and bouts of low self-esteem. She struggles with depression and writes to relieve herself of her feelings. Sometimes she even blogs about other things like makeup and positivity. One of her pieces was published in the Inquirer Young Blood in October 2017. She likes cats, dogs, and sometimes even people.


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