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I cut my last two classes to meet my mom at Gateway with the intention to watch Harry Potter. In the middle of stuffing our faces at Taco Bell, however, my mom offered me two thousand pesos—in cash, clothes, shoes, books, whatever I wanted—if I agreed to shop instead of watching HP.

To ease my pain, I bought a pair of Lee skinny jeans and a black lace top that Mom calls *~goth~* but whatever I love it because it’s black, both of which I might wear at this year’s Paskuhan.
I also got:

Yay yay yay booklust! It’s cheaper by PHP200 in Fully Booked than in Powerbooks.

From People Are People. It ain’t black, it’s gray, so stop saying that I always wear black (even though I know I do).
Wedges! I finally got girly-girl shoes and now have a reason to paint my toenails.

And for all you Potterheads who want to send me Howlers for choosing shopping over the movie, let me just say this: before we went shopping, Mom further sweetened the deal by promising to give me money to see HP on Sunday. See, I did not totally betray the Order of the Phoenix. <3

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