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Tumblr Meet-up at MOA

I had a life last Saturday! Yay!

Since I didn’t know how to get to MOA, I met with Andy at the Quezon Avenue MRT station after getting lost several times. Seriously, my calves burned from going up and down the overpass and several flights of stairs—I have no sense of direction.

Anyway, when we got to the meet-up, I met a few new people. Yes, only a few, because my already endangered social skills seemed even worse that day.

The few new people I got to meet, though (Plaridel, Ran, and Hil, for example), were the ones I wanted to meet, so it was cool.

My I-only-just-arrived-after-commuting-and-walking-around-in-thousand-degree-heat face.

L-R: They didn’t introduce me to this dude, Iskat, Rain, Andy, a really gorgeous girl named Ela (lulz), Sieg

I knocked back a couple bottles of Red Horse (yes, only a couple of bottles. Yay for non-alcoholism!) with Nheykii and Joseph, after which they convinced me to go karting in Boom Land, along with Cedie, Jason, Eeyah, Che, and Michael.

For my first time to go karting, I like to think I didn’t suck. That is, if you don’t count the two times I crashed. The second time, when I collided with Nheykii, it gave me large bruises on my thighs.
You guys. Karting. Is. Awesome.
I’m always saying that I would love to go drag racing. Since I don’t drive and I don’t have a badass boyfriend who would take me to such meets, the rush of karting was so amazing for me.

Afterwards, I went back to MOA and hung out with the rest of the Tumblr people, most of whom I didn’t know and who decided to go drinking at Padi’s. Since I didn’t know them and I was too socially-awkward to introduce myself and there was no room for us at the table anyway, Andy and I sat on the stone walls and looked up at the stars and listened to Fall Out Boy because we are really cool like that. (Man, that is one fucking long sentence.)

Bryan gave Prex, some dude who I think is called Gabe, and I a ride home. It was around 1AM when I got home and I was supposed to be home by 11PM.
*~rebel~* ako, lawl.

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