Paskuhan 2010

Paskuhan 2010

As compared to last year’s Paskuhan, which totally rocked, I found that I enjoyed this Paskuhan less. Or maybe it’s just because I didn’t get a kiss from my crush this year. (For the full story, I would be glad to tell it in person!)

The YC Buddies met at UST early afternoon to exchange gifts, eat, and of course, camwhore!

I suggested a Lookbook-esque shoot, which shows me failing at being fierce.

Mga panty ni Ava.
Mandatory “pa-family portrait-epek” picture.

Our block, 2BES1, was supposed to have a drinking get-together at Tapsi, a resto-bar near UST. To my friends’ surprise, I didn’t attend. To quote Denisse, “Ikaw, tatamarin sa alak?!”

To be completely honest, the most enjoyable part of the day was when we were goofing around in Lovers Lane.

More pictures!

Most people attending were psyched because of Franco, Up Dharma Down, Pupil, and Kamikazee, but since I’m not a fan of these bands (do not shun me! I am not much into OPM, except for Urbandub and Parokya ni Edgar), I was indifferent. Of course, until I remembered that Gabby Alipe was in Franco. GABBY ALIPE GABBY ALIPE GABBY ALIPE GABBY ALIPE  HNNNNNNG
By the way, I am totally jealous of my classmate who has a picture with him, even though I have my own pic with Gabby.

In the evening, I was with Chen, Lara and people I met through Tumblr: Andy, Sieg, and Alden (who I met for the first time). It was only for a short time, though, that I was with Hil, Reyvan (who I also met for the first time), Zy, and her boyfriend, because Andy and I went home early. He had work early the next morning, which meant he shouldn’t go home late, which meant we didn’t even get to see the fireworks, which to me was the entire point of going 🙁

Oh, and I found out that many other Tumblr people attended, too! I particularly wanted to meet up with Lloyd, Paolo, Yayen, and Gab, but cell signal was sucky and text messages were delayed like a preggy girl’s period. Too bad.

Since the Paskuhan was sort of boring, I’m wishing that the Quadricentennial celebration would be spectacular.

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