Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Imaginative title, yes?

So I already told y’all about how Christmas in our house goes down. This year wasn’t particularly different, so I’m just going to dump a shitload of pictures. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.

I’ve been handing out the presents since I was a kid. I have yet to pass the torch.

Look at the huge-ass pile of presents I handed out. I was like, “From… To…” over and over.

I got a ton of really good presents this year.

Not just from my family, but from my friends, too. Since I was too lazy to take pics, bullets!

  • A small pouch from Aya
  • Hot Water Music by Charles Bukowski from Andy. I am still shy about receiving this gift but whatever it’s Bukowski so thanks bb :*
  • A kiddie Hello Kitty watch and a bottle of Moschino I Love Love perfume from Mama. I LOVE YOU MOM!
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk from Mommy and Tita Anne
  • Two cute shirts from Tita Ninang and Nanay Leth
  • A really nice pair of sunglasses from Kuya Sean. My new favorite pair of shades!
  • Cash from my grandparents
  • A wristlet and make-up from Tita Malou
  • A sleeveless purple top from Tito Don
  • A cute little wallet from Tito Junie

Am still waiting for The Best Friend to give me the only Aimee Bender book I don’t have. *ehem*Peter Angelo*ehem! Cunt.

Senseless happy rambling aside, 2011 is approaching and I have yet to write an obligatory “New Year’s resolutions-slash-all about my 2010-slash-things I am thankful for this year” post.

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