Epic week

Epic week

This week has been pretty sweet.


I scoured SM San Lazaro for a dress to wear on Robi’s birthday party. I saw a couple of gorgeous ones in Tomato for only P750 each, but Mom wouldn’t let me use my credit card.


Had dinner with Andy at a carenderia (lol IDK if the spelling is correct. Carinderia? Karenderia?) in Morayta. We saw his uncle there.


Met with him again to eat the food he cooked in class: pizza, mashed potatoes, and sausage. Then we went to his place to watch Inception. I haven’t watched that movie yet, so I was seriously mindfucked at the end. Seriously. I was sitting there with my mouth agape, utterly speechless with the intensity of awesomeness that the movie had. SERIOUSLY.

Oh, and I met his parents and his brother and Pusa, their cat. I love Pusa. He was sweet and cuddly and he slept in my lap for nearly the entire movie.


We had to perform a three-minute on-the-spot speech for English class. The question I randomly picked out of a box was, What was the biggest surprise of your life?┬áDamn, I thought I wouldn’t be able to answer the question well, but all modesty aside, I think I did a pretty good job. A lot of my blockmates complimented me, and I kept saying Thank you┬ábecause it’s a really amazing feeling to be praised.
(As for my answer to the question, I basically said that I was surprised that my family and friends stuck with me even though I’m a huge fucking asshole, and that I was also surprised that I’m happy despite my tendency to be dark and twisty.)


We took a very long Theology quiz that I’m sure will be nearly identical to the prelims on Monday. Shit was hard as hell, and we walked out of the room scratching our heads.

Also tried Pasta Boy’s Pirate’s Twist (carbonara+seafood), which was a huge disappointment for me. FYI, Pasta Boy, cheap chopped-up squidballs in my pasta is not equal to seafood!

Wow, recounting everything makes my life sound dull. But it was fun! Really! Seriously! This week has been great and I have been happy and I have stayed away from the Internetz for two days!

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