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UST Main Building camwhorage

Part of my 2011 to-do list is going to the top of UST’s Main building. I know, I know, what’s so special about it that I’d actually blog about it? No reason, actually. It’s just that I have wanted to go there for a year because I didn’t want to leave UST without having explored every nook and cranny.

Wow, I blathered on a lot.

Anyway, I was with Denisse and Gab when I went there yesterday. I tell ya, every time I enter the Main Building, I always feel a twinge of regret about not taking up BS Psychology (even though I know for a fact that I suck at science).

Favorite shot of the bunch. *~legs~*

Digression: it would be cool to have a boyfriend from the College of Science/Faculty of Pharmacy so we can make out on the rooftop of the Main Building.

(Totally joking. Or not.)

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