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Valentine’s Day 2011

For me and the YC Buddies (who are all single, by the way—free bitches, baby!), Monday was just another reason to camwhore.

I got three roses: one from our sweet guy blockmates who bought flowers for all the girls in 2BES1, one from Gab, and one from Bojie.

Of course, what special occasion involving the YC Buddies would be complete without eating at Yellow Cab?

Then we went to Fort Santiago.

Let me just say, old Manila is really beautiful! I want to live there with my future children and we they can hear mass at Manila Cathedral and we would live in a charmingly old-fashioned house and enjoy walking along the streets of Manille~

Fort Santiago is such a nice place, seemingly removed from the rat race of the city. It’s a great date spot *ehem*.

We went inside the Rizal Shrine, too.

We saw Jose Rizal (duh) paraphernalia, including clothes, first editions of his books, and a piece of his bone. Seriously. We also saw his cell, where he was imprisoned before his execution.

Also, we had this conversation when we saw a sweet old couple.

Aya: Gusto ko din ng ganyang asawa!

Me: Ano, yung matanda?

Aya: *annoyed face*

More pics!

“Lagi naman akong nag-iisa eh.” So much dramz~

Valentine’s Day ain’t just for couples. I feel sorry for you if you didn’t feel loved last Monday, because I sure did.

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