Me & my chicas at Star City

Me & my chicas at Star City

Friday, after getting our clearance at UST, the YC Buddies invaded Star City—or at least, some of the YC Buddies. The five of us who did go (me, Kat, Gab, Ava, and Aya) had a great time!

We couldn’t get the entire “Star City” in one photo so we took two and I just put them together, lols.

We took “ride-all-you-can” to another level.

I think we hit almost all the rides and attractions.

The ride-all-you-can ticket costs PHP350. We were supposed to get the RAYC ticket + entrance to Winter Funland, but it was too expensive at PHP430.

Clockwise, L-R: Grand Carousel, I forgot the name of the ride, Jumping Star (the only photo with all five of us), & Bumper Car.

Tornado. All of us were dizzy and nauseous when we got off.

I feel like such a pussy for not riding the Zyklone Loop. It’s so tame compared to EK’s Space Shuttle, but I still didn’t want to ride it.

Aya and Gab had to drag me to the Wild River.

Too bad we didn’t get a photo of Surf Dance.

This video DOES NOT do justice to how terrifying it was. I had my eyes closed the entire time, and since life’s a bitch, the exact moment I tried opening my eyes was the moment that the ride was at its highest. Kat was screaming, “Ayoko pa mamatay! (I don’t want to die yet!)”

Inside the Peter Pan attraction.

Flying over London. I like Peter Pan quite a lot: “Well, I will not grow up! You cannot make me!”
Chillin’ with Captain Hook.

The last one we rode was the Ferris Wheel, right when the sun was setting.

Awesomesauce day! Next time I hope I have enough balls to ride the Star Flyer or at least the Zyklone Loop.

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