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Strolling through Taguig with The Best Friend

So far, the summer adventure plan with The Best Friend has been at a standstill. I’m starting to doubt that we’ll accomplish all four activites 🙁 At least we’ve crossed Taguig off the list.

First stop was the Myth of the Human Body exhibit, where you can see the human anatomy preserved in a process called plastination. Some cadavers were even preserved in poses! Too bad visitors weren’t allowed to take pictures of the specimens.

It was very educational, but the main reason I went was because of my fascination with cadavers, so a lot of the information that the tour guide gave us went in one ear and out the other because science is not my forte. Peter Angelo and I spent the time gawking at the amazing displays and quietly mocking the tour guide’s corny jokes.

I did remember a few things, though (correct me if I got any of the facts wrong):

  1. Nowadays, corpses don’t decay as well as they did back then, because we consume too much preservatives.
  2. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than firsthand smoke, because secondhand smokers breathe in the fumes directly while smokers have a filter on their cigarette.
  3. Red blood cells live for only 120 days. (120) Days of Blood Cells?
  4. Priests are prone to prostate cancer and nuns, to ovarian cancer, because of their sexual inactivity.

The sinister-looking, cancer-afflicted organs made me realize that my unhealthy lifestyle is slowly destroying my body. (Not that I plan on doing anything to reverse the damage, of course. I’m far too lazy.)

Even after seeing all those cadavers dissected and neatly laid out like meat for sale at the market, I didn’t feel disturbed or haunted or anything. I even wanted to touch the displayed body parts because I wanted to feel its realness. I honestly don’t know why some people can’t stand stuff like this. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

After the tour. He didn’t want photos but he humored me because I’m whiny.

Me, seeing a tiny fetus inside a glass container: Whoa, pwede kayang iuwi ‘to? Gawing keychain? O display?
Peter Angelo: Ano ka ba! In-abort nga yang mga yan eh!

Yep, there’s definitely something wrong with me.

Afterwards, we headed to Bonifacio Global City where we he had lunch at Brothers Burger. I didn’t say we had lunch because in the interest of saving money to buy a book, I didn’t buy food.

Pictured: my lunch.

Quick stroll through the strip mall and saw lots of toys, graphic novels, and dogs! SO MANY BEAUTIFUL DOGS! We didn’t have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by me saying, “Awwww, ang cute ng aso!”

A few days ago, I found out that the Fully Booked branch there has four floors. Besfran and I, two self-admitted book geeks, had very high expectations for it, i.e. hard-to-find books stacked one on top of the other! To our disappointment, however, we didn’t find the books we wanted. Hell,it only had two Palahniuks on the shelves: Diary and Survivor. WTF?! It was such a huge letdown for us that we decided to go to the branch in SM North EDSA, even though it was getting late.

I really didn’t have enough money to buy a book I really wanted. When I put this one back on the shelf, I guess Peter Angelo saw the dismay on my face, because he felt sorry for me and offered to pay for the difference (which cancels out anything I spent on him and pretty much makes me his bitch now lol).

I lost my pride for this book. Vladimir Nabokov better not disappoint.

The Best Friend, milking the moment for all its worth: Anong nagagawa ko para sa’yo?
Me, shy and grateful and willing to say anything: Madami. Galing mo forever love you forever and ever.
Him: Anong nagagawa mo para sa’kin?
Me: Wala. Wala akong nagagawa. Wala akong silbi sa’yo forever and ever.

That’s all just harmless ribbing. Don’t get it wrong, it was a fun moment for both of us.

Random camwhorage with my new favorite shirt!

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