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Summer sleepover in Malolos, Bulacan

Sunday before last, Gab and I went to Malolos, Bulacan for a quick summer getaway at Kat’s.


  • went out into the cool night, hung out at the playground, and drank Tanduay Ice
  • laughed at how much Kat’s dad looked like someone I dated
  • talked some more, mostly about our batshit insane exes and the guy who pounded my heart into smithereens

Oh, yeah, we also camwhored like cuh-razy.

I liked Gab’s beanie a lot. I bought one immediately after we got back to TriNoma.
Too many inside jokes!! My head will explode!

The next day, we met up with Aya and went to a couple of churches. In Barasoain, we got to see a soldier’s wedding! I got all girlish and giddy and hoped that the bride and groom would spend the rest of their lives happy together.

Too bad Kat didn’t bring a camera *ehem* so we could have good quality photos.

Barasoian Church
Tumu-turista, akala mo naman ang layo ng Bulacan!

Headed to Aya’s afterwards. Because they know how choosy I am when it comes to food (I don’t eat a lot of Filipino food), they made me eat garbanzo beans (which I didn’t like) and sapin-sapin, which was interesting to me mostly because of the colors.

Kat, me, Aya, Gab

It was refreshing to go somewhere outside Manila.

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