My last “-teen” birthday

My last “-teen” birthday

As of Sunday, August 14, 2011, I am nineteen years old, the last of my “-teen” years. This means I have one more year before I really have to start acting like an adult.

“Holy crap, I’m getting old” issues aside, I really loved my birthday celebration this year.

Saturday afternoon: Paula gave me a cake. I was speechless; I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually give me anything. <3
P.S. That’s supposed to be “Happy 19th b-day Ela,” but someone *ehemPeterAngeloehem* didn’t hold the box right and ruined the icing.

Saturday night

Peter Angelo and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in Trinoma. I really, really didn’t want to celebrate my birthday in Trinoma, but I’ll admit I still had a lot of fun.

“Nood tayong sine! Last full show para umabot ng hatinggabi, mababati mo ako ng ‘happy birthday’ bago tayo umuwi.” — Me to him. I swear sometimes I feel sorry for my best friend for all the cray cray he has to put up with.

Before we watched the last full show of Captain America (during which he whispered me a happy birthday at midnight—first!), I bought myself some presents, yay!

Freak and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland all for just P900.50.

After getting home at 2AM, I finished the wonderful night by reading and replying to the YC Buddies’ very sweet birthday texts. How lucky am I to have such amazingly loving friends?


Mom and I (and our dogs) went to Marikina to spend the day with family. Lola, a spectacular cook, met all my specific food requests. I feel so ~loved~ when she does that.

Beef caldereta
Pancit Malabon
Teh cousins! Too bad Kuya Sean wasn’t there.

For dinner, we headed to a little restaurant in SSS Village called SKOW, or Some Kind of Wonderful. Yes, it’s based on the film by John Hughes: the place is 80’s-themed.

Spoiler alert for those who still haven’t watched this:
Andie should have ended up with Duckie and not Blane!!!
My mom, the one in brown, wrote a lovely blog post for me.
Those 36 hours were pretty tiring, but really fun. I can’t express how grateful I am for the people in my life; they really made this weekend special. This has been one of the happiest birthdays I can remember having.

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