Puerto Galera, Part I

Puerto Galera, Part I

Thanks to CashCashPinoy (these Internet promo sites are a godsend), my mom discovered a cheap deal on a 3 days-2 nights accommodation at a resort in Puerto Galera. I love love love the beach/the sea/the feel of sand underneath my feet so I was psyched!

Last Tuesday (I skipped class for this lol), we packed our bags and went on the two-and-a-half-hour bus ride and a one-hour boat ride to the island of Puerto Galera.

We arrived in Muelle Port where we had lunch, and waited for the free transportation to take us to the resort. Because of the terribly disappointing experience we had the last time we tried to have a beach outing, I tried not to get my hopes up about this trip, but upon arriving at Tamaraw Beach Resort in Aninuan Beach, my pessimism dissolved.

Our third-floor room had a beautiful view of the beach from the common balcony, and I knew right then how amazing it would feel to wake up to the sound of waves.

The sky and the sea were a gorgeous, clear, calm blue, and I was thankful that the weather there was great despite the horrible rain Manila’s been having.

It’s weird how I love the sea but my joy at being on a beach always comes with a feeling not unlike grief.

Repetitive beach photos soon on Flickr! Although, the place was so seriously beautiful that no photograph of mine could do justice to it.

For a few hours, we just sat at the table in the balcony, lazing around and reading. This is da life!

When we got restless, we made the short walk over to White Beach, which was where all the bars and restaurants were. Sort of like Station 1 in Boracay.

Moar photos:

Reminds me of that Windows stock photo.
Best Coast is the awesome-est beach soundtrack <3

When we took a tricycle back to our hotel, the driver offered to take us to Tamaraw Falls the next day for a fixed fee, and we accepted. Even though it had been an uneventful first day at Puerto Galera, I knew the following day would be a blast, so wait for my next blog posts!

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