Puerto Galera, Part II: Best-est morning ever

Puerto Galera, Part II: Best-est morning ever

I loved waking up to the sound of waves blahblahblah who doesn’t? On our second day, we were looking forward to a fun day looking at waterfalls. Little did we know that we were about to get so such more!

Jimmy, the tricycle driver who offered his services for the day, wasn’t so much a driver as he was a tour guide. He pointed out landmarks, reeled off information about the place, and even stopped a few times to allow us to take photos from the phenomenal view.

The day’s first stop was Tamaraw Falls, an hour’s tricycle ride from our resort.

It’s the first time I have ever seen waterfalls <3

You can take photos all you want, but if you want to take a swim, you have to pay PHP20. Since I didn’t have any swimwear with me, I contented myself with dipping my feet in the cool water.

As we rode back to our hotel, I thought the morning had ended there, until Jimmy spotted Aplayang Munti, a small stretch of beach covered with pebbles, and he asked the owner if we could take photos. We paid an entrance fee of PHP10.

Afterwards, Jimmy the enthusiastic tour guide/tricycle driver asked if we’d like to see the Mangyan Village, a five-minute ride from our resort.┬áThe village houses 250 Mangyan families. It also has its own school and hospital, all of which are rumored to be sponsored by Zobel de Ayala.

Our ass cheeks ached from sitting for hours in the tricycle, and our index fingers were stiff from snapping tons of photos, but we were soooo satisfied with how the morning went. It was only our first 24 hours in Puerto Galera, but we felt that the trip had already been worth it.

Next post will be about our time at the actual beach. Sun, sand, and sea, here we come!

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