Boracay trip photodump

Boracay trip photodump

The semester has just started yet I already incurred a week’s worth of absences. On the last week of November, I flew to Boracay with my mom, aunts, and cousin thanks to a seat sale four months ago by AirPhil Express.

Apologies for the lazy post you’re about to read, but I’ve been crazy busy and I just want to get this out of the way. See my mom’s blog for better posts about the trip!

Anyway, photos!

The view from my window seat on the plane. Clouds! <3
The plane ride was from Manila to Kalibo, Aklan. My mom and I had an earlier flight schedule than the others, so the two of us stayed in Kalibo for a couple of days while waiting for them.

Kalibo Cathedral
Inside Museo it Akean

On our first day in Boracay, I dragged my mother to Hama, a Japanese cuisine restaurant in D’Mall.

NOMNOMZ: ebi tempura, California maki, tuna sashimi. I could barely move after eating so much.
Wow, I have curves in this photo
We stayed at Madid’s Inn.

More Boracay photodumps to follow!

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