Boracay trip photodump, 2

Boracay trip photodump, 2

Continuation of the first photodump.

We rented a boat and went island-hopping and snorkeling.

Mt. Luho is the highest point in Boracay.

The view from the top

I lack enthusiasm in writing this because to be honest, the Puerto Galera trip was a better experience for me. Not that Boracay didn’t have its own unique charm; it’s just that it was too crowded for me to have a real getaway.

Still, I had fun. The most part of our trip wasn’t spent on the beach, but in restaurants, stuffing our faces. When Everyday Sweet Notes blogged about Lemon i Cafe, a restaurant in Boracay, selling “Steak, eggs your way, potatoes, and mushrooms,” I knew I had to try it out.

Ultimate nomage! Best. Breakfast. Ever.

Repetitive sunset photos to end this post:

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