On #23

On #23

#23 on my to-do list: kiss someone in the rain.
I checked that item off my list a few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday night. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are 23, 274 results on weheartit for “kiss in the rain”. I chose this one because of the black hoodie which he wore that night HEHEHE

Just the thought of him makes me ridiculously giddy with, um, love. You know that feeling when your heart feels like a big balloon that’s almost bursting with air? Yeah, he makes me feel that way.

If you’d told me a year ago that I could ever feel this way, I’d have thought you were drunk and/or delusional. I’d have told you that I was too selfish and self-absorbed to be in a relationship, that I was insensitive to others’ feelings, that I couldn’t even take care of myself, let alone someone else.

Okay, I still am all those things. The big difference is that I’m working on changing them.

Whenever I date someone new, my friends’ typical reaction is one of suspicion. They’ve seen me be a brokenhearted emotional train wreck and they know it is not a pretty sight, so whenever I tell them about a new dude, they ask lots of questions and tell me that if he hurts me, they’ll kick his ass.

Choice lines they employed for #23:

Oy, wag mo sasaktan yang si Ela ah! -Gab

Wag mo sasaktan si Ela! Physically ha. Okay lang emotionally, kaya namin yun. -Aya *points her finger threateningly*

Wag ka lang gaguhin niyan kundi I’ll pluck out his eyesย ร  la Pai Mei! -Peter Angelo

I find it sweet that they’re so protective of me.

This post is very cheeseballs, I know, but I need to write this down so if things don’t work out with #23, then I can always look back on it as a learning experience: that no matter what, I am loved and cared for by these amazing people.

(Ugh, this has been too emotionally revealing.)

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