Update, or: I am really frazzled and sentimental right now

Update, or: I am really frazzled and sentimental right now

Due to a bad combination of schoolwork, personal problems, and the constant threat of me having to walk home all the way from UST to San Mateo because my wallet always seems empty, this week started out with me feeling shitty and crying my eyes out to Keane. #LongestSentenceEver

Thankfully, my mood has turned around. The reasons why:

  • A bus I rode was playing The Cure songs over the stereo.
  • My exacting professor in Dynamics of Philippine Politics told me I did well on my oral defense, yay! *pats self on back*
  • I have decided that when talking about ~him~ on da Intarnetz, I will call him Tyler (which would make me Marla).
  • Woke up this morning to Tyler standing outside our house (insert appropriate cheesy emoticon here). Later, I beat him in a Harry Potter Quiz Showdown.
  • Browsed in Fully Booked. Even though I didn’t buy anything, I felt so recharged afterwards. Some people go to church, I go to bookstores.
  • Some guys were selling books on the sidewalk in Lawton. I bought a Palahniuk novel.
  • I spent time with my gurlz~ outside of UST. That doesn’t happen often anymore, so I cherish the chances.
I apologize if my writing appears a little distracted and fragmented, but my mind appears to have switched off on me. There’s just so much to do:

  • write for a submission to a literary folio of my org
  • finish the scrapbook in time for Le Besfran’s birthday next month
  • finish reading all the books Tyler has lent me, and Requiem for a Dream
  • watch the movies I’ve downloaded weeks ago
  • come up with a training program for my Training & Development class
  • a birthday dinner tomorrow, Conti’s with my aunt on Sunday, and Milky & Sunny with my mom sometime soon

Damn, I’m actually busy with productive stuff. I can’t wait to have enough time to have a day-long nap.

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