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Lolo and Lola’s Golden Wedding Anniversary

Fifty years, seven children, four grandchildren. My grandparents have a lot to be thankful for, yes?

Last Saturday, our family got together and had a small celebration of my Lolo and Lola’s golden anniversary.

We rented 3B, a private resort in Antipolo, for a day of swimming and singing.

I love that dress!
My mom: “Ano ba yan, hawak-hawak mo pa yang Tanduay Ice mo sa pictures. Tomador!”
Me: 🙁

I didn’t have my point-and-shoot so I used my iPod to take pictures. I Photoshopped the hell out of these photos to make them halfway decent.

A couple of my aunts and my baby cousin.
Even shitty photos look good when Photoshopped with a vintage effect.
Fun fact: that day, I was supposed to just swing by then go to school because I had a test. My family, being awesome, said, “Fuck that shit, gurl, come swim with us!” (non-verbatim)
Aren’t they cute?
It’s been a tough week for me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The stress has definitely gotten to me: my sleeping pattern and digestion are shot (TMI: I even threw up a couple of times, I was so nauseous). Spending time with my family helped me unwind and made me feel better.
Dear Lolo and Lola, I know there’s no chance you’re reading this, but if you are, hi! I love you guys and wish you both happiness and health. 🙂

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