Happy Blood and Peanut Butter Day!

Happy Blood and Peanut Butter Day!


You are Finn-ter Angelo and I shall be Mikaelarceline! #AdventureTimeGeekgasm

It’s February 12 and you know what that means.
God, you’re so fucking old already.
I mean, seriously. You’re twenty. TWENTY. Your age no longer has the -teen suffix. You’re an adult now! You’re growing up! I wish I could say the same for your height, though. HAH!



So, you know the deal. This is the third birthday blog I’ve written for you, and you know that I’m just going to prattle on about how you’re an amazing person and how I’m lucky to have you in my life, blah blah.

But I can’t help it; you are amazing. You:

  • are the best listener I’ve known. When I talk to you, you don’t seem distracted or uninterested, you engage me and make me feel better even if your advice, um, sucks
  • are the only one who doesn’t get annoyed when I get picky and high-maintenance about where to eat. California Pizza Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti House, Cafe France… Yep, you’d eat with me anywhere
  • are a good sport when I beat you in videoke (in your face, cunt! TAYLOR SWIFT 4EVR!)
  • don’t know how to accept compliments about your art, which pisses me off because you’re talented
  • were so generous as to give me your original copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I never really forgot that favor
  • always manage to salvage my self-esteem when I feel like a needy, clingy, worthless loser
  • have EXCELLENT taste in music and movies

For me, your birthday is a big deal, because hello, this is the day you were born and I am so thankful that you are alive today. So. You know. Happy birthday, I labia, and stuff!

(You might have noticed that I made a conscious effort not to make this too sappy. My sketchpad is cheesy enough.)

Adventure Time photo taken here. Because I like to give credit.

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