Summer fun

Summer fun

(This photo-heavy post about my recent summer activities is brought to you by my ever-diminishing attention span.)

March 24: BES Ball

We attended this formal year-end event organized by UST’s Behavioral Science Society. It’s fun to be girly and kikay every once in a while, especially since my definition of “dressed up” is “wearing something other than shorts, a shirt, and sneakers”.

March 28: Dylan’s high school graduation

My younger cousin Dylan just graduated from high school and we celebrated with a dinner at Cafe Lidia, my favorite restaurant in Marikina.

Cafe Lidia’s Salisbury steak (with Mozzarella cheese inside) is mouthwatering.

April 1: Graduation party of Aya’s sister

I went all the way to Bulacan to stuff my face with delicious home-cooked dishes celebrate with Aya and her family.

Me singing at Aya and her mom’s request. Look at my friends being supportive hahaha

I was glad to have been part of such a happy occasion, made even better by my friends. You guise I love you so much you guise~

What’s next? Who knows? It’s summer! Anything can happen. Time for getting drunk on the beach and having hot summer flings with strangers! Let’s get wild and nasty!!!

…loljk. Nine days of summer have gone by and the wildest and nastiest thing I’ve done by far is walk the streets of Malolos at 12AM in search of beer, and the closest I’ll come to having a summer fling is—gasp!—exchanging numbers with a dude. So maybe not so much “wild as nasty” as it is “meh”.

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